Sectional Garage Door What is a Sectional Garage Door?

What is a Sectional Garage Door?

Choosing the right garage door is important; it can either secure your home and still be an eyesore, or it could be aesthetically pleasing but be unsafe. You should learn all about sectional doors before you buy one.

Sectional doors are considered some of the best garage doors, maybe even the best. They’re popular because they're strong, dependable, and offer many options for customization. You can paint them any color and choose from different designs to complement any building. Continue reading for complete information about sectional garage doors to help you make the right choice.

What is a Sectional Garage Door? - An Overview

Sectional garage doors have multiple panels connected by hinges. They help you save space in and around your garage. You can get them in single or double-door models; some are even insulated.

These doors come in aluminum, iron, steel, or wood. They are especially attractive because they fit into any kind of garage space.

How Do Sectional Garage Doors Work?

  • Sectional garage doors consist of four to eight horizontal panels connected by hinges.
  • These panels move vertically along guide rails just below the ceiling.
  • The panels are approximately 50 mm thick and hinged together, attaching to the inside tracks of the garage door frame, causing them to bend as they move upward.
  • There are cable drums located at both ends of the tracks.
  • When the door is opened, the cable winds around the drum, lifting the door.
  • The opposite happens when closing the door.
  • Torsion springs on a central rod support the door's weight to prevent it from falling when in motion.
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How Much Does a Sectional Garage Door Cost?

Sectional garage door costs vary based on size, style, material, and customization. Although the upfront cost might be higher, choosing a sectional garage door can lead to long-term savings.

They require less maintenance and come with energy-efficient insulation, which helps keep your garage insulated and reduces energy expenses. Investing in a quality garage door, particularly a sectional one, is well worth the initial cost for the added security and immeasurable peace of mind.

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Are Sectional Garage Doors Secure?

Definitely! Sectional doors are highly secure, making them a top choice for most homeowners. Both single and double sectional doors typically include a locking system that thwarts any attempts to open or lift them forcibly. Double sectional doors are exceptionally robust, offering even greater security.

Which is the Best Sectional Garage Door?

Steel is favoured because it is strong, dependable, flexible, and stylish. Each type of sectional door has its unique benefits. For example, double sectional doors are excellent for safeguarding valuable items in your garage.

If you don't need thermal insulation, uninsulated sectional doors are a good fit. But it's wise to consult a professional for personalized advice on selecting the perfect sectional garage door for your home.


Sectional garage doors are incredibly advantageous, aesthetically pleasing, and practical. They provide security, insulation, and energy-saving benefits that enhance your home's value, offering you peace of mind.

A grasp of sectional garage door features helps you fully appreciate these advantages. Reach out to our dependable garage door team today to embrace the numerous benefits of sectional garage doors.

Contact Door Doctor today if you’re interested in buying sectional garage doors for your home!

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