Nylon-vs.Steel-Garage-Door-Rollers Nylon vs.Steel Garage Door Rollers

Nylon vs.Steel Garage Door Rollers

Most people think that all garage door rollers are the same. But in fact, nylon and steel garage door rollers are very different.

To be sure you choose the rollers that are right for you, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of nylon and steel garage door rollers when replacing your old plastic ones. Read on to learn about what differentiates nylon garage door rollers from steel ones and find out which type comes out on top.

Nylon vs. Steel Garage Door Rollers: Durability

Garage door roller durability mainly depends on the presence of ball bearings. Ball bearings are small metal balls placed between the rotating wheel of the roller and the stationary rod to reduce friction. Garage door rollers wear out much faster without ball bearings. Most steel and nylon rollers have ball bearings, while plastic rollers do not.

Note that the more ball bearings, the longer the product’s lifespan. Rollers generally have between seven and 13 ball bearings. For example, nylon rollers with 10 ball bearings are rated between 10,000 and 15,000 cycles, whereas nylon rollers with 13 ball bearings are usually rated at 20,000 cycles.

In terms of material, nylon and steel are durable and have comparable lifespans. The key difference is that steel rollers can corrode. Despite a protective layer of rust-resistant coating, they can sometimes get scratched or worn down.

Nylon vs. Steel Garage Door Rollers: Maintenance

Neither nylon nor steel garage door rollers need a great deal of maintenance. To prevent squeaking and grinding noises and keep them in good condition, lubricate them twice a year using a high-quality lubricant. Apply the grease directly to the bearings for steel and nylon rollers with exposed ball bearings and apply the grease to the roller itself for rollers without bearings. Rollers with sealed ball bearings do not need any lubrication.

Nylon vs. Steel Garage Door Rollers: Noise Level

Nylon garage door rollers are the clear winner when it comes to silent operation. Steel rollers produce rattling noises and vibrations as they travel up and down the garage door tracks. Nylon is the obvious choice if you want a silent garage door system.

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Nylon garage door rollers are more popular than steel ones. They are quieter, don’t corrode, and generally provide a much smoother experience. They are a bit costlier than steel garage door rollers, but they are worth the modest financial stretch. Steel garage door rollers are nonetheless perfectly acceptable.

Both nylon and steel garage door rollers will serve you well for many years with proper maintenance. But in an objective overall assessment, nylon rollers come out on top.

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