modern-garage-door Modern Garage Doors for Your Modern Home

Modern Garage Doors for Your Modern Home

Modern garage doors are becoming increasingly popular. At Door Doctor, we offer the perfect blend of contemporary design and security. Our residential garage doors offer an elegant look that goes hand in hand with their strength and protection.

Clean and minimalist designs help to maintain a focus on form over embellishment. The actual door is the star, not its panelling or trim. In this blog, we have compiled everything you need to know to choose the right modern garage doors for your modern home.

Types of Modern Garage Doors

With Door Doctor’s contemporary garage doors, your house will be on top of the latest architectural trends.

Door Doctor offers you a variety of modern garage doors for your modern home.

Grooved Garage Door

The Grooved Garage Door has a range of designs and 15 different colour choices. Made of galvanized steel, our grooved garage doors are energy efficient. Perfect for homeowners looking for performance, design, and durability!

Smooth Garage Door

Our Smooth Garage Door is constructed in superior galvanized steel and showcases classic design in an elegant white satin finish.

This perfect combination of modernity and classic architecture offers a unique lightly textured finish, along with a streamlined appearance.

Flush Garage Door

The Flush Garage Door takes your home exterior to a whole new level of elegance. The flush door sits in line with the door frame, making it more modern than traditional garage doors, which are set back slightly. With 15 different colours, you are sure to find the perfect modern garage doors for your modern home.

Moderno Two-Beads Garage Door

Door Doctor's Moderno Two-Beads Garage Door comes in nine different colours and provides energy efficient durability and performance.

Moderno Multi Garage Door

Update your home exterior with our Moderno Multi Garage Door! In a range of nine colours, there is sure to be something for every design and taste.

Acadia 138 Contemporary

Door Doctor's newest modern garage door is the Acadia 138 Contemporary. Adding just the right touch of style and beauty, this door does not compromise on quality and performance.

Door Doctor – The Perfect Choice for Modern Garage Doors

Door Doctor is the best choice for modern garage doors for your modern home. Specializing in garage door repair and installation since 1983, we have built a reputation in the garage door business for quality and professionalism.

Our team of specialists will cater to your needs, both design and installation related. Just read our customer reviews to get a sense of the stellar service we provide.

Contact us by calling your regional office or 1-800-663-3130. Feel free to book an appointment online. Let us help you find the modern garage door that will take your home exterior to the next level!

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