Princeton_PBRA0429_72dpi Is it hard to install automatic garage door opener

Is it hard to install automatic garage door opener

Installing a garage door is not as simple and easy as installing a regular door, and it can be difficult and even dangerous. Installing an automatic door is more complicated than Installing a manual door because a manual door is much simpler and does not require any motors and cables.

Read on to know how hard installing an automatic garage door opener is.

Is Installing an Automatic Garage Door Opener Hard?

Most people think that an automatic garage door opener is fairly easy to install, but they do not know about the actual work it involves. Many people don’t have full knowledge about the steps involved, so hiring professionals to install it for them is best.

Let’s see what all is involved in installing a garage door opener! Firstly, you need to take out the current opener and see where to mount it – whether it goes over your garage door or not. The track weighs around 100 pounds, and thus it will require some serious help from anyone with great upper body strength if you plan to install it up over your door! Also, before taking out the old opener, do some research work. Write down what kind of opener it is, the brand name, and any other information that may help replace the current automatic garage door opener.

You will also need to wire up your new door opener to power it. Wiring can be risky without any expert advice. So, to be safe, away from headaches and labor work, and save your valuable time, take some professional help.

Tips for Installation of Automatic Garage Door Openers

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  • Before installing an automatic garage door opener, remove the mechanism of the old opener.
  • If your garage door is longer than the standard size, consider buying a garage door opener extension kit to make up the difference.
  • Check the garage door balance and see if it opens and closes properly.
  • Clean the tracks & lubricate with lithium-based grease.
  • Before installing an automatic garage door opener, ensure it is near an electrical outlet, particularly if the power unit is mounted on the ceiling.
  • Choose an automatic garage door opener that best suits your home. Chain drive garage door openers are durable, cost-effective, and lift heavy doors. At the same time, it is noisy as well. Direct drives or belt drive automatic garage door openers are less noisy but more expensive.

Installing an automatic garage door opener isn’t a very easy project to tackle. But don’t worry because Door Doctor can help with professional garage door installation services.

Want to Install an Automatic Garage Door Opener Perfectly? Contact Door Doctor Today

Installing an automatic garage door opener can be very dangerous for homeowners inexperienced with garage doors. Ensuring good security and proper garage door installation can be extremely difficult.

For qualified garage door installers, contact the Door Doctor. Our experts can sort any problems you face because of your automatic garage door opener.

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