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Garage Door Repair: Find out Why You Should Oil Your Garage Door

Garage doors are made up of several parts that work together. But as the parts work, they grind against one another and create friction, which hampers your garage door performance. Hence, garage door repair and, more specifically, garage door lubrication is necessary for your door systems to function well.

In winter, expanding and contracting caused by the elements can also cause your garage door to need repair and lubrication. Proper lubrication for many garage door parts is necessary to prevent shearing and grating, which can damage your garage door. It also reduces friction between moving parts, ensures proper functionality, and makes your door less noisy.

Although your to-do list may be long, the one maintenance item that you should never leave off the list is lubricating your garage door. Further, customers also ask us how often they should lubricate their garage doors. We recommend lubricating hinges, springs, and rollers every 3 months, and the track should be lubricated once a year. Read on to learn more about lubricating your garage door.

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What parts of your garage door need to be lubricated?

Many components of your garage door need to be properly lubricated to perform optimally, and these include:


The torsion springs do the heavy lifting for the door every day. But over time, their lubrication tends to wear down, leading to annoying squeals and squeaks. We can spray the springs with enough lubricant that they’ll move more easily.


Don’t forget about hinges! You can ask us to lubricate steel hinges at their pivot points. On the other hand, plastic hinges should be left alone, as plastic can be damaged by lubrication.


The rollers need to be lubricated as well, so the door opens and closes without a hitch. If your rollers have nylon wheels, we’ll ensure that only the bearings are lubricated and not the nylon itself. If you’re attempting to DIY, you don’t need to be as careful with all-metal rollers, but don’t overdo it as you don’t want the lubrication dripping onto your car.


As mentioned, the track should be lubricated once a year. However, it’s a good idea to wipe down the track every few months to reduce any dirt buildup that can lead to a malfunction.


This isn’t a vital part of garage door lubrication in the Montreal, Ottawa, and Kingston area, and probably doesn’t need to be done very often, but if the lock is difficult to open and close, or if the key sticks, it doesn’t hurt to spray it with some lubricant.

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Contact our garage door company for tune-up services

If you have a residential or commercial garage door that makes grinding noises, you may not be able to tell whether the problem is lubrication or something else. If that’s the case, contact Door Doctor for maintenance, including lubrication. 

Our professionals can ensure your commercial or industrial garage doors are working correctly and stay that way. Door Doctor has also been helping Montreal, Ottawa, and Kingston homeowners enjoy reliable garage doors with our maintenance and tune-up services.

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