cargo-loading-dock-doors-of-big-warehouse-building-8RFZSZE(1) Dock Levelers: The Most Important Loading Dock Equipment

Dock Levelers: The Most Important Loading Dock Equipment

The warehousing industry has made many technological advancements over the decades. Many important loading dock equipment has come into being. A dock leveler is one element that has gained significant importance. Why? Because it’s essential for unloading and loading trucks and trailers. Most importantly, dock levelers help reduce accidents.

Before discussing the importance of dock levelers, let’s understand what they are and how they function.

What Are Dock Levelers?

Simply put, a dock leveler is a permanent fixture placed at the dock’s door. It mainly comprises a metal plate known as a lip. Such levelers are placed in a stowed position and function by being lowered onto the truck’s or trailer’s body.

These dock levelers carry out various functions and can be automatic or manual and, similarly, telescopic or hinged.

The Importance of Dock Levelers

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Dock levelers, unlike dock boards, dock plates, and truck lifts, are highly functional because they are feature-rich. In many cases, your dock may not match the height of the trucks that serve the loading zone, and that’s why dock levelers are incredibly important.

When your dock and the truck’s height don’t match, there’s a gap left between the dock and the truck, making it cumbersome and dangerous for you to load at your dock. Dock levelers can also be a permanent part of the dock. That way, they bridge the gap between the dock and the truck or the warehouse floor.

Dock levelers are worth investing because:

  • They are sturdy and capable of carrying heavy loads.
  • Many types of dock levelers are highly suitable for motorized forklifts.
  • Safety in the warehouseis vastly improved with such levelers.
  • They ensure an easy and smooth transition between the trailers and the docks, and can prevent various warehouse accidents that could lead to severe damage and injury.
  • Their design helps them absorb bumps and shocks during the dock’s daily unloading and loading process.
  • They are known to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your loading and unloading operations.
  • They are durable and come with a low maintenance

Choosing the Right Dock Levelers

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Before settling on your dock leveler from Door Doctor, consider the following factors to pick the ideal option:

  1. What do you need the leveler for

When determining the right leveler, decide whether or not you’ll be using a forklift or pallet jack to load and unload the trucks and how much weight capacity you need.

Levelers like the hydraulic ones are best suited for handling heavy loads. And, if you have wide trailers coming to your dock, be sure to choose one that’s functional enough to meet all your needs.

  1. Dimensions

The dock leveler’s width and length are determined by the vehicles that come to your warehouse. High-capacity trailers with a bed of 6 to 18 in. have become quite popular. The low-profile tires and air ride suspensions are also getting popular more and more popular.

However, they create a massive gap between the truck bed and the dock. If that happens, you need a dock leveler that is long enough to ensure a smooth operation.

  1. Safety

The safety of your workers is imperative if you wish to run a productive business. Therefore, you need a safe dock leveler. Before deciding on a dock leveler from Door Doctor, consider all the factors regarding the loaded and offloaded goods and the truck specs.

Contact Door Doctor if You Need to Install Dock Levelers in Your Facility

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