G5000_PBCA0386_72dpi Best Garage Doors and Pro-Tips to Select Yours

Best Garage Doors and Pro-Tips to Select Yours

The process of choosing a new garage door can be daunting, overwhelming because there are many styles, types, choices of materials, and price options. But fortunately, if you work with an experienced garage door company like Door Doctor, your odds of making the correct and best choice substantially improve.

Read on to know more about the best garage doors and pro-tips to select yours.

  • Choose a Garage Door Based on Material

While purchasing a garage door, your first consideration should be to select a door made with the best material. There are thousands of options on the market today, and each has distinct features:

  1. Steel Garage Doors

Steel doors combine durability, strength, and beauty with a wide range of styles and pricing options.

  1. Wooden Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are elegant and are available in a wide variety of hues and designs.

  1. Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors have a reputation for their sleek and modern look.

  • Choose a Garage Door Based on Weather Concerns

One of the most crucial considerations while choosing a garage door is the climate where you live. Wooden doors are a higher-maintenance choice if your house is in a coastal region, as the salt in the air can corrode its material.

But If you live in an area prone to a lot of snow or even rain, wood doors may become warped or bowed when they get exposed to a lot of moisture, creating more challenges to maintain it. So choose your garage door wisely.

  • Choose a Garage Door Based on Curb Appeal

How a garage door looks is one of the most significant factors in selecting it. Your garage door’s appearance directly impacts how the rest of the house looks, and many times, people passing by will be able to see it from the street. So, when you select a garage door, it’s important to account for how your house will look with it. Therefore, it’s important to preserve and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Best Garage Doors Available at Door Doctor

Residential Garage Doors

  1. TRADITIONAL Style Garage Doors

If you’re seeking a clean and classic look for your home’s exterior Traditional garage doors are perfect for it. These garage doors offer raised-panel with various options for design and construction, including insulated and natural-wood options.

  1. CONTEMPORARY Style Garage Doors

Contemporary style garage doors provide the clean and functional curb appeal you crave for mid-century or modern home styles. Elements like glass, metal and even wood come together in these doors to showcase efficient as well as fresh designs on your home’s exterior.

  1. CARRIAGE- HOUSE Style Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors have a distinctly rustic look that stands out and is usually the perfect complement to mission-style or craftsman-style homes. All of it depends upon your existing home exterior décor and your aesthetic preference.

  1. SPECIALIZED Garage Doors

Door Doctor also provides various specialized garage doors. Our garage doors will offer exemplary strength, excellent insulation, durability, and high energy performance.

For Best Garage Door Options Contact Door Doctor Now!

Door Doctor’s experienced team of experts provides you with exceptional value in your new garage door. So, contact us now for a clean, reliable, and long-lasting garage door.

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